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Its location  in Ciwidey, Bandung, some way  from Bandung City, makes it difficult  to get funds easily from individual donors.  Its rural location, makes it difficult for this foundation to get private donations. It is different from the orphanages located in the centre of the  city, which are visible to passers so they can more easily get funds. It is fortunate that this year the management has been able to get social network relief for the 20 children who live in there , and another 20  children from outside who come from poor families who live in the surrounding area.
We still do not know about their future , because of the the Government’s new policy  to delete the social welfare department.

Kamal  is one of Harkat’s  charges who dreams of becoming  an agricultural expert.  Although he was previously a school drop out, of his own initiative he has created a fishpond and also grows vegetables by himself.  But if he gets the chance to develop his talent, there’s no doubt that someday he will  be able  to achieve his dream.  But can  you imagine how it would be for him if in his daily routine he could not even have regular meals to eat.  Surely anyone  who knew of his situation could not help but  feel pity if Kamal, this talented boy with big potential, lost his rights and the chance to fully develop himself as other children have.

HARKAT with its beautiful and fertile land spread over  13,500 m2, is actually holding  “millions” in potential that challenges to be developed so it can become self-supporting.

This  does not mean that nothing has ever been done here .  From its establishment, there have been ideas of creating  bamboo handicrafts/ cottage industry, wrought-iron ware such as furniture, fences etc.  Some earlier technical mismanagement  meant this foundation ignored the land which has the potential to provide the income to support the children

Now  SDI is attempting  to re-manage and rebuild the buildings of the Harkat Foundation, appointing  a new professional project manager and carrying out related activities which will bear fruit only after a minimum of six months time.

In the meantime, while waiting for the above mentioned program to be realized, we are badly in  need of funds for the running costs and basic routine requirements such as meals and scholarship support.

DS. Sukamaju 20, Kec Pasir jambu
Soreang 40972, Bandung
Jawa Barat  Indonesia. Telp. 62 22 5927 405